Monday, April 30, 2012

Clear Skin Challenge Week #1

This is our first week of the Clear Skin Challenge. If you haven't already you should read up on what this challenge is about and the tools you will need to get started here. Each week, I will post an assignment you will have to complete for the challenge.

Week One Assignment
1. Get out your journal and write three things you like about your skin and then list three goals you would like to achieve during this challenge. Make sure you will making goals which are achievable. Here are a few examples of goals for the challenge:

a. Create a skin care regimen for my skin type
b. Get rid of the dark marks on my face.
c. Learn how to control my acne.
d. Have clear and smooth skin.
e. Learn how to choose skin care products.
f. Find and visit a dermatologist and/or esthetician who specializes in skin of color.
g. Learn to love, appreciate, and embrace my beauty!

2.  Using your digital camera or a camera phone you will need to take pictures of your face to follow your weekly progress (Note: Using a SLR digital camera is the best option but, if you don't have one its okay. You can just use what you have.). Make sure you have good lighting so you can have quality pictures.  Take a close-up picture of frontal, right, and left side of your face. If there are any skin lesions (i.e. acne) and discolorations (i.e. hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation) take close-up pictures of them and also count the number of each. Also, remember there may be some lesions that have not surfaced on your skin yet so glide your hand across your face to see if you feel any nodules. Record this number and the location of these lesions in journal. For example, if you have three acne lesions on the upper right side of your face then you will record the following:  "3 acne lesions in upper right side of face".

3. Figure out your skin type. Follow the steps in this previous blog post here

4. Then spend the week logging your daily skin care regimen in your journal. List the products that you use along with the process of your regimen.

Please feel free to post your questions, comments and/or photos in the comment section of this post. Ready...Set...Let's Go!

Remember you are perfect in beauty!

Peace and Blessings,
Eunice N. Cofie

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  1. when i popped my pimple then its swelled up and now it turned worse..i use lemon and almond milk daily but in vain.i dont wannna use any face creams or washes.any remedie to remove acne eve in 1 week?


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