Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MCTMD Wednesday Book Review: The Principles and Power of Vision

Why do you exist? What is your purpose? Do you have a vision for your life? Are you fulfilling your potential? One of my favorite books is The Principles and Power of Vision by Dr. Myles Munroe. I purchased this book as a college student to help me in finding my purpose and to also develop a clear vision for my life. This book has been so instrumental to my success that I still pick it up today to keep me on course. The author, Dr. Myles Munroe, believes the greatest gift that God ever gave humanity is vision. He also states "the most important thing we can find out about ourselves is the purpose for our existence". Knowing why we exist is crucial to living a fulfilling and purposeful life. 

The book is divided into 15 chapters and 12 of those chapters detail the principles of discovering your life's vision. Of the 12 chapters my favorite principle is "Develop a Concrete Plan for Your Vision". It's amazing how we can have goals and dreams but lack a plan on how to accomplish them. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In this particular chapter, I learned these key points:
  • There is no future without planning.
  • When you lack a plan, you will likely miss out on opportunities for fulfilling your vision.
  • If you never work on your idea, it may go away, and God may give it to someone else to develop. 
  • A vision becomes a plan when it is captured, fleshed out, and written down. 
  • Our part is to write the plan. God's part is to provide the explanation as to how the vision will be accomplished.
What I love about this book is each chapter is filled with wisdom you can practically apply to your life. There are thought-provoking questions in each chapter for you to journal your thoughts. The book ends with a chapter  entitled " Writing Your Personal Vision Plan" where you are guided in developing a plan for your life. This is a fantastic book and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a step-by-step guide to achieving their dream! To obtain this book, just click on the book cover above and it will take you to the Amazon link to purchase it.

I have tons of goals I would like to accomplish personally and for business in the later months of this year and for 2013. I also know I will have to have a strategic plan of action in order to see them come into fruition. I am writing out my plans and putting them into action.

What are you doing to work on your life's vision? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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