Monday, October 22, 2012

Why Self-care is so Important

This weekend I was sharing with my best friend how I need to get back to taking care of myself like I used to. Somehow in the past few months, I fell into the hustle and bustle of working on stuff for my company that I forgot about me. I just get so excited about the launch of my company that I lose myself in what I love doing the most which is providing my customers with great products and educating them on how to take care of their skin. After recently noticing myself feeling fatigued, running on few hours of sleep and lacking proper nutrition, I told myself I could no longer sabotage myself in this way. Something had to change! When you don't care of yourself it shows up in your body through little headaches, in poor effort with your work assignments, or in how well you deal with others. Making your personal maintenance a priority will add vitality to your life. Self-care is way more than just getting a manicure or pedicure but it is holistic. It includes the well-being of your mind, body and spirit. How can you take care of others if you can not adequate care for yourself? Below are a few tips to get you started on your journey: 

1. Spend time in prayer and meditation.
Prayer and meditation are so important to my my over-all health. It is an opportunity for me to talk to God about my hopes, my dreams, and my problems. It is also an time for me to listen to Him for directions and instructions for my day. It brings peace to my mind and my day goes a lot better when I connect with God. Take 15 minutes day to pray to God. A list of prayer points can help keep you on track during intimate time with him. Meditate in God's Word and find scriptures that can enlighten you on how to handle your current life situations. 

2. Make a list of what makes you happy. 
A good friend left a post on Facebook this morning concerning how we have to create a list of things that make us happy and then make it our intention to incorporate these things in our lives. For me, I love hanging out with my best friends. So I have decided to make an effort to travel to visit them at least once year or maybe even plan a girl's weekend trip. One friend of mine takes mental health days from work. So, go at it with your list and add in a monthly facial, a weekly maid service, or preparing nutritious meals for the week.  

3. Schedule some me time.
Set aside time everyday for some me time. After a long of work, I like to take about an hour to lay down,  read something inspiring, or go for a run to before I move forward with my evening grind. It gives me a quick chance to recoup and re-focus. Make it a point to place at least an hour of Me Time on your calendar everyday. Trust me, you will love yourself for it!

4. Have a self-care accountability partner.
My best friends serve as my accountability. When the see me going to fast they know how to reel me in to gain some perspective on life. They are very encouraging and speak life into me when I am down. God has empowered them to be my life-line when I don't take care of this precious vessel. Get one of your girlfriends to join you on this journey to self-care and hold each other accountable by sharing your personal maintenance schedules. Take a day to go get massages together or take an arts and crafts class.

5. Put your self-care into action
So now that you evaluated your need to take care of yourself. Put your happy list into action. Starting off, make an effort to do something for yourself at least once a week and then add more opportunities for self-care in the weeks and months to come.

Love yourself to take of care of you first! You deserve to take time out to rejuvenate yourself.  In a future blog, I will discuss why it is so important for ethnic women and men to incorporate a good skin care regimen in your self-care. 

Tell me what ways do you take care of yourself? If you haven't been a good steward over your mental, spiritual, and physical health, what steps will you take to do so? Click here to leave your comments. 

Peace and Blessings, 


  1. #1 Must-have: Lights off, candles on, bath/shower once per week. It's miraculous how something so simple is so relaxing. Even if it's a quick shower, the low lighting really helps relax any tension I'm having.

  2. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills. So sad I missed meeting you in Dc at the YAP event yesterday. Much respect Sista!

    So here is how I am taking care of myself this year.
    1.I appointed two people at work to reminded me to take a break and eat. I also appointed two people at home to make sure I don't overeat. If I can achieve this balance I am sure I can get a hold of my weight which spans out of control when I am stressed.
    2. I am avoiding unnecessary drama... I hope I am not alone when I say that the is always that person who brings nothing but negativity to your soul from the time they call you to the time they want to suggest what everyone in your family should be eating and wearing.
    3. One of my coworkers suggested juicing and yoga which I have to try.
    4. I am going to commute to my home church at least once a month just to hear their amazing choir in praise and worship.

    1. Greetings,

      I wish that you were able to attend the DC event. It was awesome!!! I appreciate you sharing your self-care goals on our site. I commend you for taking the time out to put you first. I look forward to hearing more about your amazing journey!


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