Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moving Closer to My Dreams Wednesdays

You never know how your dreams will be enlivened…

I was inspired a few weeks ago to post this by one of my leading lady friends  to serve as a reminder of what is and continues manifest when we trust God to fulfill our dreams! I founded and produced the Moving Closer to My Dreams Conference a few years ago for young women who are going through their quarter-life crisis and trying to find their way in this world to become a leading lady.

The Story Behind Moving Closer to My Dreams
 My conception of “The Moving Closer to My Dreams” Conference (MCTMD) began when I reflected over the words to a song called “Closer” by the music artist Goapele.  In the song, Goapele talks about feeling stuck in life and being anxious about the possibility of never getting past where she is in her life. To her, this stagnation felt like it was never going to change. But despite all of her insecurities and fears, she decided not to walk away. Her decision to confront the barrier of fear unlocked a deeper sense of direction. She let go of her insecurities and left them all behind her. With everything in her, she recognized her potential and used it to propel her to go higher and higher, moving closer to her dreams. 

This song resonated with me because I was where many young women in their twenties and early thirties find themselves. I went through the dreaded “Quarter-Life Crisis”. I contemplated my identity and who I wanted to become. This season is completely normal because we are challenged to reach beyond ourselves to other like-minded people: other dreamers who have found the strength to move to the next level of influence. When we self-evaluate, during “Quarter-Life Crisis”, we know we have the capacity to make a positive impact in this world. It is just hard to figure out where to start the journey, And even though we possess all of these attributes, we still must grapple with our fears of who we are, who we will become, and what lies ahead in our future.

Pitching my business idea

If you are anything like me, you wonder about life decisions, while trying to figure out your place in this world. At times, you believe your world is coming to an end when you experience setbacks. But, I assure you life still offers us a glimmer of hope for us to hold on to our dreams. In the midst of this season of questioning, you can be a savvy and ambitious young woman, who strives for success in every area of your life professionally or personally. When you embrace this journey, you can set goals and achieve them.

I won the Access Florida Business Plan Competition!
While in my crisis, I asked myself what is it that allows one to fulfill their dream? You see, everyone has a dream. Whether it is to climb the corporate ladder, start a business, live a healthy lifestyle, organize a community service project or create a new image for yourself. In my research, I have discovered that those who were at one time in my shoes and are now revered as world-changers embodied four traits: vision, faith, courage, and wisdom. These four attributes have led to their ultimate success. As I move closer to my dreams, I realize there are others like myself who need to enhance their possibilities to make a difference in this world.  

Moving Closer to My Dreams Wednesdays is here!!!
I started Nuekie with the desire to provide effective skin care and hair care products men and women of color and to inspire them to discover their beauty. It definitely has been a long and hard road to reach this point. But, I am glad I chose not to give up! Many doors have opened for me including acquiring my first lab facility and recently winning a business plan competition. Now that I am living in the realization of my dream, I am compelled to create a forum to nurture your dreams too! So look forward to seeing Moving Closer to My Dreams Wednesdays, where I will do my best to inspire you to DREAM BIG by providing you with practical insight on how to achieve your dreams. On Wednesdays, you will find words of wisdom, book and movie reviews, profiles of persons of courage, and much, much more... 

One day I will bring this conference back to life but in until then, tell me what would you like for me to write about on Moving Closer to My Dreams Wednesdays? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


  1. Hi Nuekie my name is Christina, I'm 21. and I wanted to know If you could post some success stories about young woman in theirs early 20's who have had to over come obstacles to reach their dreams. Thanks!

    1. Yes, Christina! We love that idea and we will be posting success stories on our site to empower others to follow their dreams.


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